• Security & Confidentiality
  • 256-bit SSL Encrypted Sessions are live connections directly between the 2 users via the internet browser (Chrome or Firefox) on the secure platform.

    Stored data encrypted at location in a separate database with military-grade security and website monitoring. 256-bit SSL encryption during transit. Same level encryption at rest (database encrypted AES ciphers).

    Disaster recovery procedures & offsite backups. User Authentication Procedures. Web Application Firewall. Optional Geographic block. Suspicious Activitiy Detection & Blocking.

  • Patient Communication
  • Live Support Options
  • Secure Video Consultation Meetings & Private Instant Messaging.

    No downloads or plugins required via the internet browser (Chrome).

    Multiplatform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

    Patients are not required to register and no patient data is stored.

  • Clinical Collaboration
  • Private Workspace
  • Combine clinical collaboration with the ability to assimilate information in context and respond in real time and transform your healthcare services.

    Live Feed, Private Message Inbox, File Storage, Event Scheduling, Open WorkGroup Discussion, Private WorkGroup Discussion, Multiple User Video Conference, Colleague Forum, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, Helpdesk.

    Discussions, questions, ideas, brainstorming, etc. all take place around the pertinent files, projects or messages, providing context, a discussion history, full transparency and the ability to provide a unique array of benefits in a healthcare environment.

Healthcare Provider User Guide

Live Video-Consultations from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Simple, Convenient & Effective. Just Click & See.

* Fully Encrypted & Secure

* High-Quality Audio & Video

* Available on Android & IOS

* Available on Web Browsers: No downloads are required to join the consultation. DoctorSeeMe works directly within Chrome Web Browser. Simply click the meeting link to get started.

What is DoctorSeeMe?

DoctorSeeMe is a multi-platform telemedicine video conferencing platform. DoctorSeeMe provides high calibre video-consultations between healthcare providers and patients on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Healthcare providers register for an account and utilize dynamic meeting code creation to suit their requirements.

Similar to other video conferencing systems, we use meeting codes for each video call. Remember to create unique meeting codes for each video call.

Dynamic Meeting Code Creation & Easy Integration 

Connect with patients, colleagues, clinics, departments, ICU etc with DoctorSeeMe dynamic room creation. Providers create unique video meeting codes for each appointment and to cater for various healthcare roles. 

Small medical practices and hospital IT departments can establish their own dynamic meeting code workflow process (appointment ID, patient ID, etc.) to fit seamlessly into existing practices.

As a result, DoctorSeeMe is easily integrated into existing healthcare IT systems.

Sample Workflow

Doctor "Smith" connects with a patient via the meeting code “appointmentnumber” or the link meet.doctorsee.me/HospitalNameAppointmentNumber.

After the video consultation with the patient, Doctor Smith invites a colleague to a video conference to discuss the case on “doctorsmithstaffnumber” or via the link meet.doctorsee.me/HospitalNameDoctorSmithStaffNumber.

Doctor Smith can also connect with each department or room within the hospital via designated room names e.g. “Cardiology Department” or meet.doctorsee.me/HospitalNameCardiologyDepartment and “ICU Bed 3” or meet.doctorsee.me/HospitalNameICUbed3. 

These hospital video rooms (e.g. “Cardiology Department and ICU Bed 3”) can be created and maintained on standby until activated by a healthcare staff member.

It is, therefore, possible to use the DoctorSee.Me app to liaise with patients and colleagues throughout the hospital and easily integrate video consultations into all aspects of healthcare.

Is DoctorSeeMe Secure?

Yes. DoctorSee.Me is fully encrypted and secure. We do not store patient data and it is not necessary for patients to register their details with us in order to enjoy live video consultations. Only healthcare providers are required to create an account.

As an additional security measure, DoctorSeeMe does not store user passwords and therefore further protects patient confidentiality in the event that your internet device is compromised. Healthcare providers are required to authenticate their account prior to each video-consultation.

Video-conference password protection further restricts access when required.

Room Creation Guidelines

* Use a unique room name for each patient appointment.

(e.g. meet.doctorsee.me/HospitalNameAppointmentNumber)

* Create a room for each healthcare account holder.

( e.g. meet.doctorsee.me/HospitalNameDoctorSmithStaffNumber)

* Create a room for each department or hospital room

(e.g. meet.doctorsee.me/HospitalNameCardiologyDepartment)

* Use random and non-sequential room names

(e.g. Patient Appointment: Appt7392372027 or ApptFWKJNMY4)

How to Start a Video-Consultation via Web app

Open Web App (https://meet.doctorsee.me)

1. Press Go

  • Create your own unique room name and press go & sign into your account
  • Use the random room generator, press go & sign into your account

2. Write room name in the URL after meet.doctorsee.me. For example, meet.doctorsee.me/SampleRoomName, press enter & sign in to your account


3. Click on the meeting link & sign in to your account


How to Start via the Mobile App (Android & iPhone)

1. Download the Mobile App:



Apple iOS:


2. Write or create a video room name within the "Enter Meeting Code" field, press "Join" and sign in with your username and password.


How to share the meeting link via the Web App?

Select the meeting information button from within the video conference.

Press copy here.

And paste the details into a secure email to invite the attendee. 


How to Share via Mobile App?

When sharing via mobile, open the settings option on the bottom right-hand corner of your video, select "Meeting info" which will provide you with sharing options.

How do I register? 

To register, simply go to https://DoctorSee.Me/contact and fill in the form. An account manager will assist you to set up your account.


What do I do after I register?

After registration, you can download and use our telemedicine software and apps.


What do I do after I launch the app?

After you launch the app, you have two options. You can join or host a meeting. To host a meeting, you will need to sign in to your account. 


What do I do if I have technical problems?

In the unlikely event that you have technical difficulties, please use DoctorSee.Me Helpdesk  

How do I log in?

You will be prompted to sign in to your account once you attempt to host a meeting.

How do I do if I have forgotten my username or password?

If you have forgotten your login credentials or if you have any other technical difficulties, please use DoctorSee.Me Helpdesk  


What can I do in a meeting?

Once you have started or joined a meeting, you can perform the following actions:

Send invites to join by email, IM, SMS (mobile users)

Screen share your desktop 

Private chat

Mute/unmute audio

Stop/start video

Configure your settings

Leave or end the video meeting


Meeting Tips.

  • Control video and audio quality.

Invest in a quality webcam and speaker and microphone headset. These provide better video and audio than your computer’s built-in system.

  • Try to hold meetings in quiet, indoor locations to control ambient noise.

Adjust your lighting. Don’t sit directly in front or beside a bright light source, or else all the audience sees is a bright light and a shadowy figure. 

  • Practice speaking to the camera and not the screen.

Our tendency is to look at the person on the screen, but you should look at the camera when you speak so the audience feels like you’re talking directly to them.

  • Optimize DoctorSeeMe Sharing.

Do not select “Share Your Desktop” (unless you want every pop-up email and private message on display for your audience!). Instead, open up any relevant documents before the call and share only those during the meeting. Note that when you share, DoctorSee.Me prioritizes the shared item to the bandwidth. This can reduce the other video feeds’ quality, so don’t share longer than necessary.

  • Practice makes perfect.

DoctorSee.Me is very easy to use, but a live video conference with a patient is not the time to explore its features. Make video appointments with internal colleagues first.

Practice scheduling and inviting people to meetings. Learn how to mute and unmute audience members and re-assign the host role.

During your meeting: Mute your microphone when necessary.DoctorSeeMe has a “Mute  Microphone” option that cuts down on ambient feedback for the audience. When there is a lot of back-and-forth discussion you will turn this off, but you should mute yourself when listening to a presenter.

  • Use DoctorSeeMe’s chat function.

You can send a question or statement privately.


How to ensure high-quality video?

  1. Restart your computer: Restart your computer before your first call.
  2. Wifi: be close to your wifi router, make sure no other devices or programmes are using up the bandwidth, and you don't have a lot of browser windows open.
  3. Computer usage: ensure no high-intensity programs are running on the computer.