• Security & Confidentiality
  • 256-bit SSL Encrypted Sessions are live connections directly between the 2 users via the internet browser (Chrome or Firefox) on the secure platform.

    Stored data encrypted at location in a separate database with military-grade security and website monitoring. 256-bit SSL encryption during transit. Same level encryption at rest (database encrypted AES ciphers).

    Disaster recovery procedures & offsite backups. User Authentication Procedures. Web Application Firewall. Optional Geographic block. Suspicious Activitiy Detection & Blocking.

  • Patient Communication
  • Live Support Options
  • Secure Video Consultation Meetings & Private Instant Messaging.

    No downloads or plugins required via the internet browser (Chrome).

    Multiplatform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

    Patients are not required to register and no patient data is stored.

  • Clinical Collaboration
  • Private Workspace
  • Combine clinical collaboration with the ability to assimilate information in context and respond in real time and transform your healthcare services.

    Live Feed, Private Message Inbox, File Storage, Event Scheduling, Open WorkGroup Discussion, Private WorkGroup Discussion, Multiple User Video Conference, Colleague Forum, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, Helpdesk.

    Discussions, questions, ideas, brainstorming, etc. all take place around the pertinent files, projects or messages, providing context, a discussion history, full transparency and the ability to provide a unique array of benefits in a healthcare environment.

How do Patients Get Started?

Patients - Getting Started with DoctorSee.Me

Where do I download the latest version of DoctorSee.Me?
You can download the latest version of our "DoctorSeeMe " app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

How do I use DoctorSee.Me on my PC or Mac?
DoctorSee.Me is fully functional within Google Chrome or Firefox on your PC or Mac without any additional downloads. Just Click & See!

Do I have to sign up for DoctorSee.Me?
Patients do not have to sign up or register in order to enjoy the features and functionality within our software.

Do I have to pay to use DoctorSee.Me
DoctorSee.Me is free for patients. Patients will not be charged for the use of our software.

How do I join a DoctorSee.Me meeting?
Patients join meetings by clicking the meeting link or by entering the meeting ID.